All of my bows are 100 % handcrafted.

I am passionate about making bows in modern, classical and baroque styles. A gradual understanding of the development of the bow brings new perspectives to my work day by day. I consider that neither classical nor baroque bows evolved into the modern bow in any transitional way. Each type of bow meets the necessary requirements in sound and playing qualities for the music of its specific period. This realization enables me to respond to the specific wishes of musicians.

Frequent contact with all kinds of musicians is of vital importance in my work. I'm very pleased when I'm able to turn personal wishes into high quality handcrafted bows, especially when they give musicians new ideas about playing or even bring new facility, opportunity and pleasure to their playing.

As a bow maker I’m both a craftsman and an artist where a musical sense, inspiration, experience and above all, a constantly increasing comprehension of materials merge as the most important ingredients in my work. Such variety delights me every day – and at the right time when my work is done, the sound of music can always be heard!